Pracken's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Page 5: Country Cupboard Series
I made a country cupboard and then some items to go on it. This page has the tutorials for all the items you see below on my cupboard.

All of the tutorials on this site are my original creations. I have taken a lot of time to create them, and to share them with you, and I do so freely. However, I do have some simple terms of use, which I would appreciate your reading before using the tutorials. You may find them here.

The tutorials on this page were originally done in PSP 7.04. I am in the process of updating them for use with PSP 9, and PSP X. As you work through my site, all of my later tutorials are done for all three of these versions. As I find time, I will come back to these earlier tuts and revise them.

Note: Click on a thumbnail or link below to take you to the tutorial.


The new items I've made for the cupboard are listed first below. Just click on a thumbnail or link to take you directly to the tutorial. As new items are added, this is where they will be. Also, I've used items from some of my previous tutorials to go on the cupboard, and adapted them as needed. Those tutorials are listed at the bottom, along with comments about how to adapt.

These are the older tutorials that I've used to make some of the items on the cupboard. Where I've changed something in the tut, I've noted it below.

Note: To make the candle bunch, just use the tutorial to make the candle, make as many variations as you want, and then draw a string around them.
Note: This tutorial is for a Christmas spoon. To make the one I show here, just use the selection in the tutorial and flood fill with a wood pattern and apply an inner bevel of your choice.

Note: I made the pinecone and then put several into a basket (it's on the top of the cupboard above) - I also added some branches to the back.