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Dollhouse Series

[Note: This page is graphic intensive so it may take a while to load if you have a slow connection. Sorry!]

Welcome to my dollhouse series! The inspiration for this series of tutorials was from one of my online friends (thanks Susan, hope you like them!!).

AND, I have the wonderful good fortune to be joined in this venture by Sue of Artistic Distinction and Wendy of WGB Creations. Sue has done tutorials for the attic and Wendy has done tutorials for the den. I am so grateful to y'all for working on this series with me, and your tuts are awesome. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!

The finished dollhouse is 1000 x 1000 pixels (the image above is resized down).

There are a lot of tutorials in this series and organizing them was a bit of a challenge, but hopefully, I've got them in some format that will not be too confusing. To make it easier for you, here are some general guidelines that will prove useful.

  1. There are 7 large sections of tutorials in this series: 6 room tutorials, and a dollhouse tutorial where you put the rooms you made. I provide you with a canvas for each room interior that is the exact size and perspective it needs to be to fit into the finished house (so don't change that or your room won't fit properly).
  2. You will make each room separately and then combine them all at the end. Each room has tutorials for items specifically designed to fit into that space. Feel free to change colors/textures, etc. And you can, of course, use items other than the ones I'm providing (you'll just need to make sure they fit).
  3. Do the tutorials in the order they're given below, i.e., do the rooms first, then the dollhouse. It doesn't matter which room you start with, but do the tutorials in each room in the order given. That way, you won't miss information that is on some pages but not all.
  4. The first tutorial in each room section is the interior of the room you're working with. The interior will include the floor, walls, baseboards, and windows. Once you complete the interior (saving it in psp format), you'll have a place to put all the items that go into that room.
  5. Once you've completed all of the rooms, you'll make the dollhouse and then paste each room into its appropriate spot, and add any finishing touches.
There are a lot of tutorials in this series, and it has taken many hours of work to create all of the graphics from scratch, revise them (several times), write up the tutorials, and upload them all to the web. So please don't take them as your own. Follow them, create your own, and PLEASE be sure to read my Terms of Use before completing these tutorials. Also, please be sure to read Sue and Wendy's Terms of Use for their tutorials.

The tutorials on this page were originally done in PSP 9, and as appropriate, I've made changes for PSP 7 users. PSP X users should also be able to do these tutorials without difficulty. I am in the process of updating all of the tutorials on my site so they will be compatible with PSP X, PSP 9, and PSP7.

Now on to the tutorials! Have fun, and please, please, pleeeeeeeeze let us see your results ;o)

[*Note: Some of these tutorials are older ones that you can adapt for this series. I've indicated which tutorials these are with a "*". Some of the selections for the older tuts will be in PSP 7 format, but they should work fine for PSP 9 users. For PSP 9, be sure to place the selections in your PSP 9 selections folder, and when you load the selection, be sure the "Move to upper left" option is unchecked.


calendar Calendar*
[Note: change the calendar color, to match the room]

Living Room



Wendy's Den/Office

All of the den tutorials, including the interior and assembly, were done by Wendy at WGB Creations. You'll find her tutorials here (be sure to read her Terms of Use). Thank you so much Wendy for providing these wonderful tuts!!! Once you complete all of the den items, return to this page and continue to the attic tutorial below.

Sue's Attic

The interior and assembly tuts were done by me; the other items were done by Sue of Artistic Distinction (be sure to read her Terms of Use). Thank you Sue for these fantastic tuts!!! [Note: do the interior tutorial first, then Sue's items, then return here to do the attic assembly tutorial].

Dollhouse and Assembly

This is the last tutorial in the series. After you've completed all of the other tuts on this page, then do this one to finish up.

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