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Country Tree: Page 3

This is a continuation of the country tree tutorial. On page 1 you used vectors to draw a leaf and then exported it as a preset shape. On page 2, you used vectors to draw the tree trunk and branches. Now, you'll add your leaves to the tree and then export the whole image as a preset shape.

Add the Leaves to the Tree and Export the Shape

Step 1. Adding the leaves will use a lot of layers, but don't let it scare you!! PSP can hold up to 100 layers (and you won't use quite that many *g*).

Just as you did the branches, we're going to only draw on the left side of the tree. When finished, you'll copy it to the other side, to save time and work.

On your layers palette, make "Branches" "1" active (it'll be in bold print). Then choose your preset shapes tool and navigate to one of the leaf shapes you made (the other settings are the same as you used before).

Now you're going to draw leaves on your branch. Switch shapes to draw on each side. Each leaf will be added as a vector layer. That way you can rotate it and shape it as you need to.

Draw your leaves on both sides of branch 1. You'll need to resize some of them and rotate some of them into position. To rotate, just hover your mouse over the leaf until you see the two arrows in a circle (they look like they're chasing eash other), and then just turn the shape until it's the way you want it. To resize a leaf, just move the nodes on the sides or top.

Don't worry about getting this perfect, since it's a country tree and is meant to be a bit primitive. Play with this branch until you get something similar to mine.


Your "Branches" layer will now look similar to this (your names will be different - well, unless you're naming your graphics after me *grin*).


Hold down your shift key and click on each of the leaf layers. They'll all be in bold print. Right click and then choose Group. You'll now see "Group 1" in your layers palette. Rename it to "Leaves 1." Rename "Branches" to "Tree." Your layers will now look similar to this.


You're grouping the layers so you'll be able to export all the pieces of the tree together later. Renaming the groups just keeps things organized.

Step 2. Now you'll just repeat the above for the next two branches. [Hint: If you're feeling adventuresome, instead of redrawing the leaves for each of the other two branches, you could copy the one you just did ("leaves 1") and paste it as a new vector selection and move it into place onto your 2nd branch.. Then, you'll need to tweak the leaves so they fit that shape. You'd then just repeat that again for the leaves that go onto the 3rd branch).

Be sure to rename your layers. When done, your image should look similar to the screenshot, and your layers should be named like mine.

52tree2      53tree2

Step 3. Make "Leaves 1" layer active. Right click and choose "copy." Then paste it as a new image. Mirror it. Copy it and close this image. Return to your original image and go to Edit>Paste as new vector selection. Move it into place on the right side of your tree. Name this layer "Leaves 4."


Repeat for "Leaves 2" and "Leaves 3" (naming the new layers to "Leaves 5" and "Leaves 6." When done, you should have something similar to this.

55tree2     56tree2

Step 4. Now make the "Tree" layer active. Hold down your shift key while clicking on each of your layers. Right cick > group. Copy and paste as a new image.

Rename your layers as you want them to appear in your shapes list. Here's mine.


Click File>Export>Shape. Type in the name you want your shape to have and click "ok." Now your shape is complete and it should appear in your preset shapes tools list (click on your tool and navigate to it to test).

As it's in black outline format, it makes it easy to make graphics using various colors. If you'd like to see how I colored mine, just move on to page 4.

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