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Translations Policy

I have been asked many times about translations for my tutorials. In the past, I granted a few permissions and those are still available on the web. However, for various reasons, I have now changed my policy regarding translation of my tutorials.

It would be wonderful if folks other than English-speakers could use my tutorials, and I am therefore open to translations. However, in order to keep things structured a bit, any translations made will be placed here on my site. Credit will be given to the translator, of course, and you could freely provide text links to the tutorials.

If you are interested in translating any of my tutorials, here are my guidelines:

1. Write me and let me know which tutorial(s) you're interested in translating, and what language.

2. I'll consider your request, and if I agree, will ask you to provide me with the html file in notepad format.

3. Any translations must follow my tutorial exactly (of course, allowing for the variations in language). If you see something you think is unclear or needs revision, write me and I'll decide whether or not to change the tutorial. Do not take liberties and change anything in the tutorial from what I have done.

4. To make it easier for me, provide the coding exactly as it needs to be, ready to be transferred to the page. I don't have time to do a lot of extra work, so the tutorial needs to be clean, with no typos, and ready to go.

5. Once I post it, I'll ask you to check the page and will make any further revisions as needed.

6. I will give you total credit for the translation, and will provide links to your pages. You can also freely provide links to the translated page.

And that's it!

If you'd like to see tutorials that have been translated, just click the link below.

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