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Southwestern Series: Fence


I decided to make a few Southwestern items. As I find time, I will try to add more. You will find the other southwestern items here.

To do this tutorial, you will need a basic working knowledge of PSP and its tools. It involves a little drawing and shading, but I provide screenshots to help you along the way. Most folks should be able to complete it without difficulty.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

My selection files. Place these in your PSP selections folder (or any location of your choice).

My pattern fills.

You may download all of my materials here.

Step 1. Open a new image 450 x 350, white background.

Step 2. Add a new layer. Name it "fence1." Load selection 1 (go to selections>load from disk - then navigate to the location where you placed the selection files). Flood fill with the "fencewood" fill you downloaded (set the scale to 100% and the angle to 0).

Float your selection (click "Ctrl+F" on your keyboard).

Apply a cutout, using the settings in the screenshot. Repeat the cutout, but change the horizontal and vertical to -1.

03swfence       02swfence  

Step 3. Add a new layer. Name it "fence2." Load selection 2. Repeat step 2 above.

Step 4. Add a new layer. Name it "fence 3." Load selection 3. Repeat step 2, except when you do the flood fill, change the angle to 105.

Step 5. Add a new layer. Name it "fence 4." Load selection 4. Repeat step 2 (don't forget to change the angle of the flood fill back to 0).

Here's what you should have so far.


Step 6. Make "fence 1" layer active. Duplicate it. Place this layer on top of "fence 4." Now you'll just erase the little overlapping bits where the two pieces of the fence meet (I've enlarged the screenshot below to show you).

04swfence    05swfence

Step 7. Make "fence2" layer active. Duplicate it and place it on top of "fence 4." Erase overlapping bits as above.

Step 8. Add a new layer. Place this layer underneath fence 3 and fence 4 layers. Load selection 5. Flood fill with the "blanket" fill you downloaded (change the scale to 40 and the angle to 108 ).

Darken this a bit by going to color>adjust hue/saturation/darkness. Set the saturation and hue at 0, and move the lightness down to about -10.


Step 9. Add a new layer. Place this layer on top of fence 3 and fence 4. Load selection 6. Flood fill with the blanket pattern. Change the scale to 50 and leave the angle at 108.


Step 10. Add a new layer. This layer should be on top of all of your fence pieces. Load selection 7. Flood fill with #F2B19D. Keep it selected (i.e., the marching ants will be marching).


Step 11. Add a new layer. Set your foreground color to a darker brown color, #825B52 and your background color to white. Choose your airbrush and use the settings in the screenshot. Spray some color, similar to mine.

09swfence       10swfence

Step 12. Choose your retouch tool, smudge brush, and use the settings in the screenshot (note, you can change the size of the brush up or down as it suits you). Smudge the colors around a bit, until you have something similar to mine. Yours will not look exactly like mine.

11swfence     12swfence

Step 13. Add a new layer. Leave your foreground color on the darker brown, but set your background color to null. Choose your draw tool, freehand line, size 1. Draw few definining lines on your hat, similar to mine. Then lower the opacity of this layer down to about 25.

13swfence   14swfence

Step 14. Add a new layer. Place this layer on top of your fence. Choose your rope tube (one comes with PSP). Set the scale to 50 and the step to 1. Draw a circular shape, similar to mine.


Draw as many loops as you wish. I added one more around the pole and then one down. Move them into a position that you like and then erase the bits on top of the fence. I also decided to darken the tope a bit so I went to colors>adjust>hue/saturation/lightness, and moved the lightness lever down to about -8. You should have something similar to this.


And that's it, all done! When you're satisfied with your creation, hide the background and merge all visible layers. Save as a psp file.

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial, and please let me know if you have any problems.

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