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Southwestern Series:


I decided to make a few Southwestern items. As I find time, I will try to add more. You will find the other southwestern items here.

To do this tutorial, I assume that you have a basic working knowledge of PSP and its tools; however, I also provide screenshots to guide you along the way. And of course, if you run into difficulty, just let me know.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

My color chart. Right click on this and save it to your computer.


Step 1. Open a new image 350 x 350, white background.

Open up the color chart you saved. To make it easier to use, you can copy and paste it as a new layer onto your graphic and move it to the very top. out of the way. That way, it's easy to refer back to, and when you're done with the tutorial, you can delete that layer.

Step 2. Add a new layer. Set your foreground and background colors to #1. Choose your preset shapes tool, ellipse, antialias checked, create as vector unchecked. Draw an oval shape (screenshot is actual size).


Step 3. Add a new layer. Set your foreground color to #2 and your background color to #3. Choose your airbrush and use the settings in the screenshot. Spray on color similar to mine.

02swfeather   03swfeather

Step 4. Choose your retouch tool, smudge brush and use the settings in the screenshot below. Smudge the colors similar to mine - just start at the center of each of your lines and pull out a bit.

04swfeather   05swfeather

Step 5. Now it's just a matter of progressively working on your feather, smudging step by step. Change the brush size down as you need to, especially as you get to the edge of the feather. Just keep smudging outward, and make some little wispy bits. Below you'll find screenshots of my process.

06swfeather  07swfeather  07swfeather

Step 6. Set your foreground color to #4. Choose your airbrush again and spray some color, similar to mine.


Step 7. Choose your smudge brush again, and smudge the colors, similar to mine. Change your brush size down to about 1-2, and make some wispy bits at the top and bottom of your feather.


Step 8. Add a new layer. Set your foreground color to #5 and your background color to null. Choose your draw tool, single line, size 6, antialias checked, create as vector unchecked, close path unchecked. Draw a line in the center of your feather, like this.


Apply an inner bevel, using the settings in the screenshot.


Step 9. Choose your eraser tool with the settings in the screenshot. Now erase a bit at the top and bottom, to shape the line into pointed ends v. square.


I lowered the opacity of the stem layer down to about 70, but that's optional. And that's it, all done with the feather.


You can make different colors of your feather if you wish. You can use the variations filter, swap shop, or PSP's built in tools (go to color>adjust>hue/saturation/brightness). Just play with the settings until you find combinations that you like.

If you want to make a bunch of feathers like mine, just make as many color variations as you wish (put each on a new layer so you can arrange them). I've rotated some of mine left about 35% and others right 35%. When your arrangement pleases you, add a new layer. Choose your rope tube (that comes with psp). Set it to scale 20, step 1, and draw a little rope hanger at the top.

Save as a master psp file with all layers intact (that way you can go back later and change things as you wish). Then, delete your color chart layer, hide your background layer and merge visible layers. Save as a psp file.


I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!

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