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Christmas, 2007

Sea Shanty Christmas


Well, it's rapidly approaching that time of year again (where DID the year go!). I've had some more requests for pixel villages for Christmas, so am trying to get a few made. This is the first one. It's a little sea shanty village - somewhere off the coast of New England, I imagine.

This is the final tutorial in this series. In order to complete it, you will need to have completed all the previous tuts. You will find them all here.

I assume that you have a basic working knowledge of PSP and its tools in order to complete this tutorial. However, since it's pixel and pretty straightforward, most folks should be able to complete it without difficulty.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was written for versions 10 (PSP X) and 9. However, since it's a pixel tutorial, you should have no problems doing the tut in other versions as well. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

The psp files for all the images you've made in this tutorial series.

My color chart. Right click on it and save to your computer.

Step 1. Open up a new image 288 x 114. Flood fill with color #2

Step 2. Choose your selection tool>rectangle. Draw a small selection at the bottom of your canvas (approximately 1/5 of the canvas), and flood fill with color #1.

Step 3. Draw another rectangle (above the one you just drew) approximately twice the size of the first one. Flood fill with color #3. You should have something similar to this [NOTE: I've added a black border around it so you can see more clearly. Your image should not have a black border].

Step 4. Open up each of the houses you did. Copy and paste each as a new layer and arrange them on your canvas.

Here's what I have so far.

Step 5. Open up the fence you made. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas (put the layer behind your houses).

Step 6. Open up your trees. Copy and paste as new layers onto your canvas and arrange as you wish.

Step 7. Open up the garland, bow, and flowers layers. Copy and paste as new layers onto your canvas. Arrange as you wish.

Step 8. Add a new layer. With color #4, paint lights on your houses. I've added lights everywhere! Paint as many (or few) as you wish. Here's a sample.

Step 9. Add a new layer. Place it on top of your sky layer, underneath your houses layers. Choose your airbrush, using settings in the screenshot.

Spray snow on your image, to your liking.

Step 10. Now take a look at your image and change anything around that you'd like to. When satisfied, save with all layers intact as a master file (that way it's easy to go back later and change things).

Then delete all the color charts and outline layers. Merge visible layer and save in whatever format you prefer (gif or jpg).

And that's it, all done! I hope you enjoy doing this little tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating it. And as always, I would love to see your results!

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