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Pearl Top Christmas Ornaments

A couple of years ago, I made a sigtag ornament tutorial, and I decided to make some Christmas ornaments using the same technique. You'll be making pretty ornaments similar to the ones above in the screenshot.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro.This tutorial was written for versions 10 (PSP X), 9 and 7.04. You may download the latest PSP version demo here.

Infinity Texture Discovery.This program is freeware and you can download it here. (it's the 3rd one down the list).

A pearl tube. There are lots of places on the web to find lovely pearl tubes. One of my favorites is here.

My seamless tile. You may download it here.

Step 1. Open up the Texture Discovery program. On the left of your screen, go down to the "Directories" and navigate to the folder where you saved my seamless tile. It will seamlessly tile in the window.

Now go to the top menu bar and click on "texture" Then click "texture mapping preview."

You'll see your image now displayed on a ball. Down at the bottom of the screen, change the Tiling to 9 x 16 (or, feel free to play with the settings to make your own variations).

Step 2. Now you need to take a screenshot of this image (go to "Print Screen" on your keyboard).

Step 3.Open up Paint Shop Pro. Right click on the screen>paste as new image.

You need to select out the ornament from the background. Choose the selection tool>circle. Draw a circle to select your ornament, like this.

Now cut it (hit the scissors on your menu bar or go to edit>cut).

Open up a new image 300 x 300, white background. Go to Edit>Paste>Paste as new layer.

Step 4. Add a new layer. Set foreground to a gold gradient of your choice (one comes with PSP) - set angle to 90, repeats 0. Set your background color to null. Choose your preset shapes tool>circle, using settings in the screenshot.

Draw a small circle at the top of your ornament.

Step 5. Choose your magic wand and click inside the circle you just drew. Expand by 1 (selections>modify>expand). Add a new layer and place it underneath the circle. Flood fill with color #e5dcc6.

Step 6. Add a new layer. Choose your tube tool and navigate to a pearl tube of your choice. Use the settings in the screenshot (feel free to adjust these as you need to).

Draw a couple of circles of pearls on top, like this.

Change the scale of your pearl to about 40. Add a new layer. Draw a strand down the side, similar to this.

Step 7. When you're satisfied with your ornament, delete the background layer and merge visible layers.

And there you have it, a really pretty Christmas ornament. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

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