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Miss October Calendar


I'm continuing my Halloween tutorials. This one's a calendar for my Miss October Witch. You can use any graphic you want for this calendar, but since I designed it for my witch babe, you may want to use her. You'll find that tutorial here.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

A graphic for your calendar. I'm using the witch from my Miss October Witch tutorial.

My pumpkin preset shape. Place this in your PSP preset shapes folder. My leaf selection. Place this in your PSP selections folder. You may download these items here.

A mask. I've used "jd-mask89" from Jan's Designs . You may download this mask (and many others) by clicking here. Place the mask in your PSP masks folder.

My color chart. Right click on this and save it to your computer.


Step 1. Open a new image 270 x 480, background color is #1. Copy your color chart and paste it as a new layer onto your canvas. Move it to the top out of the way. When you need a color, just click on it with your eye dropper tool.

Step 2. Make your background layer active and contract by 2 (selections>select all>selections>contract). Flood fill with color #2.

Add a new layer. Set your foreground and background colors to color #3. Choose your preset shapes tool, rectangle. Draw a box at the bottom of your calendar, approximately 230 x 156 (watch the numbers at the bottom left of your screen).


Step 2. Add a new layer. Set your foreground color to #1 and your background to null. Choose your draw tool, single line, size 2. Now you're going to draw a grid for your days. First, draw an outline all around your box.

Now to draw the horizontal and vertical boxes. Make your grid visible (view>grid) and use the lines as guides. You'll always need 7 vertical columns, and if you're making October, you'll need 6 horizontal columns. Use the grid to draw them evenly. (Hint: if you'd like, you can place each of the lines on separate layers. That makes it easier to move around if you need to). (Note: I left the line size at 2 to draw the vertical lines, and changed it down to 1 to draw the horizontal ones).

When you've finished, you can hide the grid again by clicking grid>view again.

Step 3. Add a new layer. Set your foreground and background colors to color #1. Choose your preset shapes tool, rectangle. Draw a small box on top of your box.

Add a new layer. Now you'll add the days of the week. Click your text tool, and use the settings in the screenshot.


You'll notice that the text is still too big (you don't want it any wider that your boxes. So choose your deformation tool and squeeze the sides in a bit until it fits.

Repeat this process for each of the days of the week (hint: you may want to put each on a separate layer for better arranging. Also, if you wish, you could just use abbreviations v. spelling the entire word out).

Step 4. Add a new layer. Now to add your numbers. Choose your text tool, and use the same settings as before except change the size to 14 and make check the "auto kerning." Place the numbers as you wish. (Hint: Again, you may want to place them on separate layers to make arranging easier).

Step 5. Add a new layer. Type the month and year.

Step 6. This step is optional - I decided to place some drawings under the special dates in October (11th-Columbus Day, 13th & 27th - new moon, full moon, and 31st-Halloween). If you wish to do this, just add a new layer underneath your numbers, add your graphic, and then lower the opacity of the layer down to about 55.

To draw the moons, just set your foreground and background colors to color #4. Choose your preset shapes too, ellipse, and draw a circle (hold the shift key down while drawing to make it round).

To draw the pumpkin, you can use my preset pumpkin shape. Set your foreground color to color #5 and your background to #1. Choose your preset shapes tool and navigate to the "pracken_pumpkin" shape. Draw a small pumpkin.

I drew the ship freehand, and you're welcome to do the same. It's just a rectangle for the bottom, a triangle for the top, and a little line at the top for the flag. Since you're going to lower the opacity on this, it doesn't have to be perfect! I used back and white for the ship.

Step 7. Add a new layer. Open up the witch you made earlier, copy her and paste as a new layer onto the top of your calendar. I added a drop shadow to mine, but that's optional (use these settings: vertical 5, horizontal 5, opacity 25, blur 5.

Step 8. Add a new layer. Draw some pumpkin shapes (use the same preset shape as you used earlier and the same colors). Also, I decided to color in the stems a bit - just use your paintbrush, size about 2, color #5.

Add a new layer. Load selection 1 (go to selections>load from disk - then navigate to the location where you placed the selection file). Flood fill with black. Contract by 1 (selections>modify>contract). Flood fill with color #6.

Set your foreground color to black and background to null. Choose you draw tool, freehand line and draw some lines on your leaves.

Step 9. Add a new layer. Place it underneath all your layers except the background.

Add a new layer. Load the mask you've chosen to use (masks>load from disk - then navigate to your masks). I'm using the "jd-mask89." You won't see anything, but the mask is there. Flood fill with color #1. Then lower the opacity of this layer down to about 50.

You can experiment with the mask and move it around as you wish (also, you could use another color). Save as a master psp file with all layers intact - that way it's easy to go back later and change things around (to make another month or change the graphics on this one).

When you're satisifed with it, delete the color chart and merge all layers. And that's it, all done. A calendar for the season, with a pinup witch. Hope you've enjoyed the tut.

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