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What's New: May, 2005
As I make updates to my site, I'll be posting the news here. I usually add new tutorials every week, so be sure to check back by for the latest news!

May 9, 2005

I have been working on a dollhouse series and have finally completed the tutorials! There are 74 tutorials in this series, enough to keep ya busy for a while. There are 6 rooms, all fully furnished. I am extremely pleased to have had Sue of Artistic Distinction and Wendy of WGB Creations contribute tutorials to this series. Thank you both gals!!!. You will find the main page for the tutorials here. I hope you enjoy the series!!!

May 3, 2005

I made this mask for Mardi Gras this year, but never got around to writing up the tutorial. Decided it's time to get it done (at least you'll have it for next year lol).

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