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What's New: June, 2005
As I make updates to my site, I'll be posting the news here. I usually add new tutorials every week, so be sure to check back by for the latest news!

June 1, 2005

Members Area Open!!! I am sooooooooooo pleased to announce that I've finally opened my Members Area! The Members Area will focus primarily on Paint Shop Pro tutorials, but I've also added some other goodies - you'll find some pixel outlines, presets for Super Blade Pro and Eye Candy Chrome filters, and some small seamless tiles suitable for webuse. In the coming weeks, I'll add more tutorials as well as some other goodies for you.

Please consider joining the members area, where you'll have access to all the exclusive items there. To join, just click here.

Also, just so you'll know, I will still continue to add some tutorials to my free areas as well ;o).

As I add items to either my free or Members Area, I'll post the news on this page, so be sure to check back often, as I add tutorials on a weekly basis.

I'm not posting samples of all the new tuts in the members area here, but wanted to post a few thumbnail samples. You'll find them all in the members area.

These are a couple of items from my country critters series:

And here's a blanket bench series

And more samples.

Please consider joining, and I look forward to seeing you in the Members area!

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