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Art Nouveau Hunk

Ok, so I got inspired by the Olympics. There were several programs on PBS about the origin of the games - quite fascinating that the athletes did their things in the nudie. So, here's my hunk, made in art nouveau style. Since this is a PG-rated site, I had to give him a loin cloth *grin.* Hope you enjoy him.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

My selection files. Place these in a folder of your choice. I usually place mine outside of PSP; however, for some reason PSP doesn't like that sometimes. If you experience problems with the selections, just move them into the PSP selections folder and they should work.

My corners (in psp format).

The black and white grape outline to color (in psp format)

My stylized line. Place this in your psp lines folder.

You may download all of my materials here.

My color chart. Right click on this and save it to your computer.


Step 1. Open a new image 300 x 400, white background. Open the color chart and copy/paste it as a new layer onto your graphic. Move it to the top, out of your way. When you need a color, just click on it with your eye dropper.

Step 2. Add a new layer (name it "body"). Load selection 1 (go to selections>load from disk - then navigate to the location you placed the selection files). Flood fill with color #1.

Step 3. Add a new layer (name it "leg"). Place it underneath the body layer. Load selection 2. Flood fill with color #1.

Step 4. Add a new layer. Place it on top of the body layer. Load selection 3. Flood fill with color #2.

Step 5. Now you'll add some shading and definition to the body. Make your body layer active. Select it by going to selections>select all>selections>float. You'll see the marquee (marching ants) around your body. You're doing this so that when you spray color on in the next steps, it won't go outside the body. Keep the body selected until I tell you to deselect it.

Add a new layer - name it "shading 1" (I always do shading on a separate layer as well - makes it easier to change later if you need to).

Set your foreground color to color #3. Choose your airbrush and use the settings in the screenshot. Spray color around your hunk, similar to mine. Change your brush size down to about 5 when doing the lines on his stomach, chest, and chin.

Add a new layer - name it "shading 2." Choose color #4 and spray some lines on chest and stomach (airbrush size about 5).

Add another new layer - name it "shading 3." Choose color #5 and spray color (line size 10) similar to mine.

  05hunk   06hunk

Step 6. Now to smooth the color out a bit. Choose your retouch tool, smudge brush, with the settings in the screenshot.

When you sprayed on color, you did so on separate layers. When you smudge the colors, you'll do that on each of the layers as well. Make the "shading 1" layer active. Smudge the color around, pulling from the inside out.

Repeat this process for the shading 2 and shading 3 layers (feel free to adjust the smudge brush size up/down as you need to). When done, you should have something similar to this. It won't be exact, and it doesn't have to be perfect.


Step 7. Add a new layer. Choose your airbrush, same settings as before, except change the size to 1. With color #6, draw some fingers on the hands, similar to mine.

With your airbrush (size 1), spray a little of color #1 on the thumb of the spear hand (you want it to look like it's on top of the sphere).

Step 8. Add a new layer. Draw some nipples *blush.* Use your airbrush, size about 2, color #4. Spray two small circles. Then, change the size to 1, color #3, and spray two centers.

Step 9. Now to do the face. Add a new layer (I usually put everything on a separate layer, but you could put all the face on one if you wish).

Nose: Airbrush (size 1), color #3. Spray a little to outline the nose on top and bottom.

Mouth: Paintbrush (size 1), color #7. Draw a few lines for the mouth.

Eye: Paintbrush (size 1), color #6. Draw an elliptical shape for the eye. Change your brush color to white and paint 1 dot in the center.

Cheek: Airbrush (size about 3-4), color #2. Spray a circular shape.

Hair: Paintbrush (size 1), color black. Paint in a shape for the hair (don't worry about it being perfect as the hat will be on top).

When finished with the face, you should have something similar to this.

You can now deselect the body layer.

Step 10. Add a new layer. Load selection 4. Flood fill with color #8.

Step 11. Select the hat (go to selections>select all>selections>float). With you airbrush (size about 3) spray color #7 similar to mine. Smudge (brush size about 5-6).


Step 11. Ok, time to cover him up *grin*. Add a new layer. Load selection 5. Flood fill with color #6.

Step 12. Select the loincloth (go to selections>select all>selections>float). Choose your airbrush, size about 1-2, color #7. Draw some lines to look like folds in the fabric, similar to mine.

Step 13. Make your body layer active and select it (selections>select all>selections>float). Choose your draw tool, freehand line, size 1. With color #7, draw a shoe similar to mine. Deselect.

Step 14. Make your leg layer active. Select it (selections>select all>selections>float). Add a new layer. With airbrush, size about 5, color #3, spray around the leg. Smudge (brush size about 3) just a wee bit.

Then, with your draw tool, freehand line, size 1, color #7, draw a shoe.

Step 15. Now to do the grapes he's holding (or if you wish, you could add something else instead). Set your foreground color to color #9 and your background to color #10. Open up the grapes image you downloaded (it's in psp format). You will just have a black outline.

With your magic wand (tolerance 100, feather 0), click inside each of the grapes (hold your shift key down while doing this to get them all). Add a new layer and place it underneath the outline layer. Flood fill with color #9. Deselect. If you miss any areas just fill them in with your paintbrush.

Make the outline layer active again and click inside the leaves. Add a new layer, place it underneath the outline layer, flood fill with color #10.

Make the outline layer active again. Add a new layer but place this one on top of the outline. With your paintbrush, size 1, color #6, paint a line on top of the stems.


Merge all these layers and save as a psp file (to use again). Copy it (go to edit>copy; or hit the copy icon on your PSP toolbar). You can now close this image.

Step 16. Return to your original image. Click edit>paste as a new layer (or hit the paste as new layer icon on your toolbar). Move your grapes underneath the body layer. Resize by 40% (image>resize).

Step 17. Now's the time to go back and tweak anything you're not happy with. You may want to add more shading or smudge your colors more. Once you're satisfied with your hunk, hide your color chart layer and background layer and merge visible layers (layers>merge >merge visible). You should now have something similar to this.

Step 18. Now you could stop here if you wish. If you want to make the entire image as I've done, continue on. Turn your color chart and background layers back on.

Add a new layer. Place it underneath your hunk. Load selection 6. Flood fill with color #11.

With your magic wand, click inside the green arch you just did. Expand the selection by 2 (selections>modify>expand). Add a new layer and place it underneath the arch. Flood fill with black.

Make your background layer active and flood fill with color #7.

Step 19. Now to do the finishing touches.

Make your background layer active. Add noise (effects>noise>add), 20%, uniform.

Make the black arch layer active. Add noise, 10%, random. (Note: screenshot is a section, enlarged to show detail).

Open up the corner you downloaded. Copy and paste it as a new layer onto your graphic. Resize by 13% (image>resize). Sharpen. Copy and paste it into the other 3 corners (you'll need to mirror and flip).

Open up the grapes that you saved earlier in psp format. Copy and paste as a new layer onto your graphic. Resize by 20%. Sharpen. Copy and paste this into the other 3 corners (don't mirror).

Add a new layer. Place it underneath the corners and grapes you just did. Set your foreground color to color #11 and your background color to null. Choose your draw tool, single line, size 2, and your line style to the "pracken_hunkdots" you downloaded. Draw a straight line down the sides and tops of your graphic (start and end at the corners).

Add a new layer and draw another line (start and end at the grapes).

And that's it, all finished! I really liked making this one and hope you enjoy it too!

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