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Easy Angel


This is an easy country style angel to make. You'll use selections (or if you want, you can draw it yourself). I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP in order to do this tutorial; however, I also provide screenshots to guide you along the way.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

My selection files. Place these in your PSP selections folder (or any location of your choice - I always place mine outside of PSP). You may download them here.

My color chart. Right click on it and save it to your computer.

Step 1.Open a new image 250 x 250, white background.

Open up your color chart and paste it as a new layer onto your graphic. Move it to the very top out of the way. When you need a color, just use your eye dropper to select it.

Step 2. Add a new layer. Load selection 1 (go to selections>load from disk - then navigate to the location where you placed the selection files). Flood fill with black. Contract by 1 (go to selections>modify>contract). Flood fill with color #1.


Step 3. Repeat step 1 above for selections #2 and #3.


Step 4. Add a new layer. Load selection 4. Flood fill with black, contract by 1, flood fill with color #4.


Step 5. Add a new layer. Load selection 5. Flood fill with black, contract by 2, and flood fill with color #7.


Step 6. Add a new layer. Load selection 6. Flood fill with black, contract by 2, flood fill with color #10.


Step 7. Add a new layer. Place this layer underneath the the other layers (it should be on top of your background but underneath everything else. Load selection 7. Flood fill with black, contract by 2, flood fill with color #7.


This is what you should have so far:


Step 8. I added some shading to my angel, but this is optional. You could leave it the way it is if you wish. To add shading, you'll follow the same basic procedure for each of the angel pieces that you made. I'll show you how to do it on the dress and then you can just repeat the process on the other pieces (only difference will be that you'll change the colors you use).

It may make it a little easier if you turn off the layers you're not working with, turning them back on as you need them.

Make the layer with selection 1 on it active (the dress). Choose your magic wand (tolerance about 10, feather 0) and click inside the dress area.


Add a new layer. You'll use two colors each time you shade - a darker color around the outside edges and a lighter color inside. It's easier if you set your foreground to one color and your background to another. For this selection, you'll be using colors #2 and 3.

Choose your airbrush and use the settings in the screenshot. Spray some color, similar to mine.

09angel   10angel

Choose your retouch tool, smudge brush with the settings in the screenshot (feel free to adjust these as you like). Smudge the colors a bit, to soften - you're going for sort of a country look.

11angel   12angel

Now just repeat this process for each of the pieces. Feel free to adjust the airbrush and smudge brush sizes up or down as you need to.

Here are the colors you use for each selection #:

Selection # 2, 3 - Use colors #2, 3

Selection # 4 - Use colors #5, 6

Selection # 5, 7 - Use colors #8, 9

Selection #6 - Use colors #11,7

You should have something similar to this.


Step 9. When you're satisfied with your creation, save as a master psp file, with all layers intact. That way you can go back later and change things as you wish. Make your color chart active and click "copy." Then, delete the color chart layer, hide your background, and merge visible layers.

Step 10. If you'd like to make an image like the one I have above, then open up a new image 450 x 450, white background. Paste your color chart as a new layer onto your graphic (go to edit>paste as new layer).

Set your foreground color to black and your background color to #11. Choose your preset shapes tool, heart shape, antialias checked, line width 1. Draw a shape in about the center of your canvas (screenshot is actual size).


Apply shading as before, using colors #11 and 7.


Now open up your angel. Copy it and paste onto the graphic, as a new layer. Duplicate this layer and mirror it. And that's it, all done!


Please let me know if you have any difficulties with this tutorial.

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