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Bedroom: Chest


Welcome to my dollhouse series tutorials! This is the bedroom section of tutorials.

This tutorial is for the tall chest (it's in the left corner of the room). All of the other items in the bedroom can be found on the main dollhouse tutorial page, which you will find here. If you haven't already done so, please go there and orient yourself to the dollhouse tutorials, and for important information you'll need to complete the series.

Once you complete the bedroom, and all the other rooms, you'll assemble them all into the completed dollhouse.

Please read my Terms of Use before completing these tutorials.

This tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro versions 9 and 7.04

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 9, and have made comments as appropriate for PSP 7 users. I didn't test it in PSP8, but you shoud be able to complete the tutorial in that version as well. You may download the latest PSP version demo here.

My preset shape for the ornamental design. Place this in your PSP preset shapes folder. You may download it here.

My color chart. Copy this and save to your computer.

You're going to do this chest using vectors, but they're very easy ones. And when you're done, you'll also have a preset shape you can use later.

Step 1. Open a new image 300 x 300, white background. Open up the color chart you downloaded, copy it, and paste as a new layer onto your canvas. Move to the top out of your way.

Step 2. Set your foreground and background colors to color #2. Choose your preset shapes tool, rectangle, using the settings in the screenshot.


Draw a shape approximately 140 x 250 (watch the numbers at the bottom of your screen).

02chest   03dhchest_pracken.jpg

Step 3. Keep your background on color #2. Set foreground to color #1. Draw another rectangle (same settings as before), approximately 60 x 130. Place it at the top of your chest.

Copy it (go to your layers palette and right click on the layer>copy). Then right click again>paste new vector selection. Move this one to the other side.

Step 4. Draw another rectangle approximately 60 x 25. Copy it and paste as vector selection again. Move to the other side.

Step 5. Draw another rectangle 130 x 25. Copy and paste as vector selection. Move underneath.

Step 6. Set your foreground to a gold gradient of your choice (one comes with PSP), background null. Choose your preset shapes tool and navigate to the "X5" shape. Draw a small circle.


Copy and paste as new vector selection 7 times. Move them into postion on your doors and drawers.

Step 7. Now arrange your items evenly on the chest. If you need to lengthen/shorten/move items, just click on your object selector tool and click the item.

Step 8. Now you can save your chest as a preset shape for future use. To do this, go to your layers palette. Right click on each of the vector layers of your chest. They'll appear in bold print now. Right click>group.

All the layers will now be under "Group 1" on your layers palette. Right click on Group 1 and rename it to whatever you want your preset shape to be named.

Now go to File>export>shape. Type in the name of your shape. It should now appear in your preset shapes list.

Step 9. Right click on the vector layer on your layers palette>convert to raster layer.

Step 10. Select and float your chest (selections>select all>selections>float). You'll see the marquee ("marching ants") around it. You're doing this so when you apply shading, it won't go outside the lines.

Add a new layer (I always add shading on a new layer). Choose your airbrush, using the settings in the screenshot, and spray some of color #3 on your chest, around the outer edges of the drawers and doors.

Choose your retouch tool>smudge brush, using settings in the screenshot, and soften the colors out. Feel free to change the settings on the airbrush and smudge brush as you need to.

Step 11. Set your foreground to color #4, background to #5. Choose your preset shapes tool, same settings as before except uncheck "create on vector." Navigate to the "pracken_ornament" shape you downloaded. Draw a shape on your chest. Copy it and paste on the other side.

Step 12. Delete the color chart and background layers. Merge visible layers (layers>merge>merge visible). Save as a psp file.

What to do next

Now continue on through the bedroom tutorials, in order (go here to find the tutorials index, and scroll down to the bedroom section to find the others). Once you have all of the items in the bedroom section complete, then go here to assemble it.

Have fun!

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