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Animated Pixel Carolers: Page 2


This is the second part of my pixel carolers tutorial. To do this animation, you'll need to have colored the pixel outline in part 1 (you'll find that tutorial here.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. I used version 7.04 but if you are familiar with PSP, you should be able to convert the tutorial without problems. You can download the latest PSP version demo

Animation Shop. I used version 3.04, but you should be able to easily convert the tutorial using other versions.

Your colored pixel outline from part 1 of this tutorial.

Step 1.Open up your colored pixel carolers from part 1 of this tutorial (name the layer "orginal." Set your foreground and background colors to #D7CBCB. Choose your text tool, and type whatever text you want to use, and choose the font you would like (I used arial size 12).

Duplicate this layer three times Name the layers "mouth closed," "mouth closed 2," "lamp yellow." Make the mouth closed layer active and turn the others off for the moment."

You're going to change the mouths on your singers . With your paintbrush, you'll just paint over the top line of pixels on each mouth. Just use the same color as each face (use your eye dropper and click on the face then use that color when you paint). When finished, turn this layer off.



Step 2. Now you'll change the light on the lantern. Turn your "lamp yellow" layer on. Now you will just exchange the yellow and orange colors, i.e., what is orange paint yellow and what is yellow paint orange. When finished, turn the layer off.


Step 3. Make your "mouth closed 2" layer active. On this layer, you'll paint the mouths closed (as in step 1 above), and you'll also change the color of the lantern light, reversing orange and yellow (as in step 2 above).

Step 4. You will use these 4 layers to build your animation. I have 10 frames in my animation. Duplicate and name the layers as follows:

  • "Original" layer: You want 3 of this layer. Name them 02, 04, 08.
  • "Mouth closed:" You want 3 of this layer. Name them 01, 05, 07.
  • "Mouth closed 2" layer: You need 2 of this layer. Name them 03, 09.
  • "Lamp yellow" layer: You need 2 of this layer. Name them 06, 10.

Now arrange your layers in order, with layer 01 on the bottom and layer 10 at the top of your layers.

Step 5. Now you'll need to add your snow to each of these layers. Open up the psp snowflake you saved from part 1 of this tutorial. Start with layer 01 and begin adding flakes, starting at the top of the image. Then for each layer, just add flakes, continuing to make them fall downward. You'll also want to make a few starting at the top again so it looks like snow is continuing to fall. Here are my first 3 frames.


Just continue adding snow until you've added some to all 10 frames.

Now you'll need to save each frame individually. Make layer 01 active and save it as a .gif file. Just give your frames the same names as your layers, i.e., layer "01" will be named "01.gif."

Step 6. Open up Animation Shop. Then open the Animation Wizard (file>animation wizard). Now you'll just follow the wizard, using the default settings. When you get to the window where you need to add the frames, click on the "Add Image" button, then navigate to the location where you've saved your .gif frames. Choose all 10 of them. Arrange them in order so "01" is at the top and "10" is at the bottom. Then click "next." Then "finish."

You'll see your animation appear. Click on the "view animation" button to see what your animation will look like.

To save your animation, click file>save as, and then use the default settings for each window that pops up. And that's it, all done. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and please let me know if you experience any problems.

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