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Seamless Texture Series: Brick Maker

I have a lot of freeware programs on my computer - I just love finding new ones to play with; I particularly love programs that make textures. I've decided to do a series of tutorials for these programs. You'll find the entire series here.

This is another brick tile maker program. The program is really basic, simple, and easy to learn.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. You can download the latest fully functional version of this program here.

The freeware Brick Maker program, which you may download here (you'll see the link on the left menu bar).

Step 1. First, an overview of the menu items in this program. When you open the program, it'll look like this.

Step 2. Click view>option window, and you'll get this.

Step 3. If you click the "Make" button at the bottom, it'll randomize the pattern. You can play with it until you get something you like.

Step 4. Now just to familiarize you more with the buttons and tabs.

There are two variations of tiles you can make: red brick tile or Japanese Sudare. Click on the "red brick tile" tab and choose which option you want. Then click "Make."

Here's an example of both.


The screen width tab is the size of your finished tile. Move the sliders to make it larger or smaller.

You can set the colors of your bricks by using the BG color and brick color settings. Click on the box and choose the color you wish for each.

To change the size of the bricks and the gaps in between, use the "Brick size" tabs.

To randomize the color distribution, play with the Randomization tabs.

If you want your texture to be black and white, just go to View>Mask.

Step 5. When you're ready to save your image, go to File>Save as and save to a location of your choice. The program only gives you the option to save in .bmp format. If you want another format, just open the image up in PSP and save (I've saved mine in .jpg format).

[Note: Depending on the size of your tile, it may or may not seamlessly tile. If it doesn't, you'll need to take it into PSP and make seamless. Usually you can do this just by cropping a bit off of the sides and/or top/bottom. ]

And that's basically it. Just play with the settings in the program (that's always the way I learn too), and you'll learn it pretty quickly. Just experiment!

Here are some variations I've made. Feel free to download these, for your personal use (be sure to read my Terms of Use - link at the bottom of the page). To see the image tiled, click on it (sorry Netscape users, this won't work for you). To save, just right click>save picture as.


And that's it, have fun with the program. And as always, I would love to see what you create!

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