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Christmas Book and Box


Here's another quick and easy tutorial. This one uses Scott's Box Shot Maker to make a Christmas book and box.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was written for versions 10 (PSP X), 9 and 7.04 You can download the latest PSP version demo here.

Scott's Box Shot Maker. You can download this program here. On the download page for the program, you'll find three versions. I'm using version 2 for this tutorial.

My pattern fill. You may download it here.

Optional: Holly. The holly I'm using is from one of my tutorials, and you'll find it here.

Step 1. First, you'll make the front cover for your book. Feel free to use your own images.

Open up a new image 250 x 300, white background. Open up the bookfill pattern you downloaded. Set your fill style to texture, navigate to the bookfill pattern (angle to 0, scale 100), and flood fill your canvas.

Step 2. Add a new layer. Set your foreground fill color to #af2028 and background fill to the bookfill2 tile you downloaded. Choose your preset shapes tool>rectangle, using settings in the screenshot.

Draw a rectangle at the top of your canvas.

Choose your pen tool. Right click on the rectangle>convert to path. and then click on Edit mode

[PSP7 Users: click your object selector tool, then Node Edit].

Now you're going to add 3 nodes on the top of your rectangle, evenly spaced. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the line to add them. It should look like this (the nodes I added are in red in the screenshot).

Click on the center node. Right click>node type>symmetric.

Now click on the node on the left. Right click>node type>symmetric. Repeat to the node on the right. Right click>apply. You should have something similar to this. [PSP7 Users: right click>quit node edit].

Now right click>convert to raster layer.

Step 3. Add a new layer. Set foreground to null, background to color #af2028. Choose your text tool and add text of your choice. I'm using Script MT Bold, size 22 for mine.

I also added some holly to mine. It's made from one of my tutorials, and you'll find it here.

Step 4. Set foreground to color #af2028, background to the cardfill2 tile. Choose your preset shapes tool>rectangle, same settings as before except uncheck create on vector. Draw a rectangle at the bottom of your canvas.

Choose your text tool and add any text you want.

When your graphic looks the way you want, merge all layers. Save as a jpg file.

Step 5. Now to make your book. Open up Scott's Box Shot Maker. (Note: As I stated above, I am using version 2 - if you decided to download another version of the program, your screen shots are going to look different than mine). Under "Box Shot Style" choose "book cover." Then click on "next."

Click on "Select Front Box Image." Then navigate to the location where you saved your box front. Click "next."

Click on "Select Side Box Image." Then navigate to the boxfill pattern you downloaded. Click "next."

At the next window, leave everything unchecked. Click "Finish." Then save the image to your computer in whatever location you wish. The program gives you the option of saving in jpg, gif, or bmp format.

Step 6. Now go back to Paint Shop Pro and open up the image you just saved. I wanted mine in transparent PSP format so I could use it on whatever background I wish. To do that, you'll need to eliminate the background. Choose your magic wand, using the settings in the screenshot.

Click on the white area outside of the book. Hold down the shift key to click all of it. Then go to selections>invert. Cut the image (edit>cut). Paste as a new image (edit>paste as new image). Your image is now transparent. Save it in psp format.

Step 7. To make a box, just go back to Scott's Box Shot Maker and choose 3 sided box instead of book.

And that's it, all done. I love experimenting with graphics programs, and this one is really fun. You can create a world of books and boxes for all seasons. Have fun!

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