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3D Christmas Tile (Seamless)


I really love textured tiles with oooomph! and am always experimenting with new ways to make them. I've made this one for Christmas and really like the results, and of course I had to make a bunch of them once I got started *grin*.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:

Paint Shop Pro.This tutorial was written for versions 10 (PSP X), 9 and 7.04. You may download the latest PSP version demo here.

You'll also need Sandy Blair's Simple Filters - Pizza Slice Mirror. This is a freeware filter and you will find it here.

A seamless tile. You can use one of your own or mine if you wish. To save my tile, right click on the image and save to your computer.

Step 1. Open up the seamless tile you downloaded. If you are using a tile of your own, it needs to be square, i.e., equal distance on all sides. I'm using 100 x 100 pixels, but you could use a smaller or larger size depending on your preferences.

Step 2. Select your tile (selections>select all. You'll see the marquee ("marching ants") around your tile.

Contract the selection by 6 (selections>modify>contract.

Go to effects>3d effects>chisel, and apply the settings in the screenshot. Keep selected.


Step 3. Copy the selection to your clipboard (edit>copy).

Go to effects>texture effects>mosaic-antique, and apply the settings in the screenshot. Keep selected.


Step 4. Now go to edit>paste as new layer. You'll now have the selection you saved to clipboard, like this. Keep selected.

Step 5. Contract the selection by 10. Keep selected.

Selections>invert. Keep selected.

Hit the delete key on your keyboard. Then deselect.

Step 6. You could leave it like this if you wish, but I decided to add a drop shadow to give it a bit more depth. I used these settings (feel free to experiment).

Repeat the drop shadow but change the horizontal and vertial to +2.

Step 7. You could leave it this way if you like. (Click on the tile to see this version tiled in the background - sorry Netscape users, this may not work for you).

I decided to change the background. Make the background layer active and apply the Simple>Pizza Slice Mirror filter. To see this version tiled, click on the tile at the very top of this page (or hit "refresh" on your browser).

Step 8. When you're satisifed with your tile, merge visible layers and save in whatever format you prefer (I saved in .jpg).

You can make lots of variations of tiles - experiment! Try changing the selection size, add more layers, etc. I've made a bunch of tiles, and am including some below for you to download if you wish.

To see them tiled, just click on them. [Note: Netscape users, this may or may not work for you, sorry!] You are welcome to save these tiles, for your personal use only. To save, right click the tile>save picture as. Or you can right click on the tiled background>save background as - either way will work.


I had a lot of fun making these tiles, and hope you will too - and as always, I'd love to see your results. Happy Holidays!

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